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Reel Talk Episode 29 – Frozen on Ice…duh

Guess I’m late with the podcast posting again…exams suck you guys. So glad to be done.

Reviews of: Godzilla! With spoilers. Plus some other stuff about the crappiness of the Batman VS Superman title, and other outdated news the internet has thoroughly covered. MOVING ON.


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Reel Talk Episode 20 – Superbirds and Wes Anderson Playsets

It turns out Pete can’t even dream up a movie without providing his thoughts on it.

From then on it’s mostly news (with yet more live action Jungle Book discussion), a Favourite’s Favourites on the movies we hate, and some general ramblings about how good the Grand Budapest Hotel is. Pete gets mad about 2012, Zhana slams Nicholas Sparks and explains her sexual preferences, I claim immunity for an opinion and emphasise how badass the honey badger is, and Special Guest Pavi takes us through the horrors of Love Actually. Listen to all this on iTunes, or by clicking the link below!


Also, if you like you can follow us all on twitter at the links below:

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Reel Talk Episode 5 – ‘Blokescast, No Girls Allowed!’

In which a Zhana-less Pete & I ramble at length about James Bond, magical realism, and the British class system. Opinions on Short Term 12 & Valhalla Rising too, so what are you waiting for? Click the link below, or subscribe on itunes!


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