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KCL Reel Talk Episode 15 – “ANGRY!”

This week, I get a little mad about movie advertising, so I apologise if the middle of the podcast is a little swear-laden. A combination of frustration at poor business practice and hate for the marginalisation of art within mediums co-opted by marketing triggered a rant I didn’t realise was happening until I was halfway through it.

Aside from that though, it’s business as usual on Reel Talk! We kick it off with some trailer-based talk of Terry Gilliam’s upcoming film Zero Theorem, continue into discussion of short film Gregory Go Boom (and the career of Michael Cera), and top it all off with a group review of the Coen Bro’s latest film Inside Llewyn Davis. Mmm that’s some good listenin’!

As always you can listen via the link below, or, more conveniently, subscribe on iTunes.


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Reel Talk Episode 11: Thousands of Flying Women Punching George Clooney

The title refers to what Gravity would be if it had been directed by Christopher Nolan – kudos to Bob Chipman for the insight into Nolan’s filmmaking.



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Reel Talk Episode 9: Stupid Fajita Sex

Pete apparently finds it difficult to think of titles. This is what happens when you commit to quality folks.

On the podcast: Rise of the Guardians-related Christmas whimsy, heavily encouraged Jason Statham chat, Don Jon and sex, slight Django Unchained-related tension, massive Free Birds-related tension, and actual seriousness when we discuss the death of Paul Walker.

Oh and David Lynch is the best at Twitter. Listen to all this via the link below, or subscribe on iTunes!


Also, Zhana refers heavily to this article:


Celebrity gossip: academic style is a fantastic blog that everyone should read. The current trend of applying sophisticated analysis to all forms of culture, ignoring the false highbrow/lowbrow distinction, is a shining light in modern criticism and CGAS reflects and refracts that light like a great glitterball of excellent words. READ IT.

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Reel Talk Episode 8: Hunger Games, Doctor Who & Don Jon

Contains what it says on the tin.

Reel Talk is now an hour long you guys, which means more reviews, more news and more Pete being confusing and telling me that I am secretly an old man. Which I contest. I am simply a young man with the soul of a 40 year old – rather like David Mitchell. Only less amusing.

Give the show a listen!



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