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Reel Talk Episode 21: Metaphorical Manhood

This blog-cast-update is a bit late…so late in fact that there’ll be a new podcast in a couple of days. That may even be good news, if you can take a concentrated dose of our nattering.

So! This week we skim over a bunch of news (Incredibles 2 is generally approved of, Cars 3 receives a ‘meh’, all that jazz) and then we get into some reviews. Pete & I delve into the disappointing Zero Theorem, and the need for all new writers to realise that we are not Charlie Kaufman. Then Zhana joins in and we gush lovingly over the gorgeous sights and eerie sounds of Under the Skin.

Also, for those who love rants, man. Pete has a doozy for you this week.

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Reel Talk Episode 19 – Fingerprint Bums

It’s an episode of cosy rambling this week. Zhana takes charge in a new retrospective feature, looking back at a couple of films from director Alain Resnais, in the context of his life and place in the French New Wave. Pete brings the news, and expresses a liking for Evil Dead, while I try to invent a new Firefly-based sitcom. I feel the concept just needs the right backer…

Oh and the Oscars happened. Give us a listen below or subscribe through iTunes!


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Reel Talk Episode 17 – Zhana is Working for Tommy Wiseau!

I love synth, I love friendship, I goddamn LOVE this song.

In this long-delayed Reel Talk we discuss a multitude of films, staggering about in the aftermath of a weird weekend. On the show: dicks and Liztomania, Miami Connection and friendship, why Shia LaBeouf is a sad, sad man, Samuel L Jackson is wonderfully ornery and Zhana gives Tommy Wiseau casting tips. 

Listen below, or on iTunes!


Also, watch our wonderful friend Christian’s post-internet films via the internet…somehow. Link!



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KCL Reel Talk Episode 15 – “ANGRY!”

This week, I get a little mad about movie advertising, so I apologise if the middle of the podcast is a little swear-laden. A combination of frustration at poor business practice and hate for the marginalisation of art within mediums co-opted by marketing triggered a rant I didn’t realise was happening until I was halfway through it.

Aside from that though, it’s business as usual on Reel Talk! We kick it off with some trailer-based talk of Terry Gilliam’s upcoming film Zero Theorem, continue into discussion of short film Gregory Go Boom (and the career of Michael Cera), and top it all off with a group review of the Coen Bro’s latest film Inside Llewyn Davis. Mmm that’s some good listenin’!

As always you can listen via the link below, or, more conveniently, subscribe on iTunes.


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Reel Talk Episode 14 – You Never Grow Out of Killing Jared Leto

Reviewing Wolf of Wall Street! That’s the main thing, but this is not a show to focus on but one…or two…or even four topic/s alone. As such, listeners should also prepare themselves for:

  • News-discussion! Featuring Tarantino, Romantic Dystopias and the sadness that is I, Frankenstein.
  • Features! This week, the Talkers discuss villains that they like/find interesting! Involving Dredd, Ratatouille and Die Another Day.
  • Random Shit! …apparently we talk about cats? The internet man. It’s contagious.

There should be something for anyone in that mess, so, without further ado…listen and enjoy! (or subscribe on iTunes)


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Reel Talk Episode 13 – Peter Flynn and the Fifth Element Noobs

Honestly, I’m not sure where Pete gets his titles from these days…

So the Great Narrative Debate was fought once again on Reel Talk over Fifth Element, Pete reviews a vampire movie where the vampires just wander about being shallow and snobby which sounds AWESOME (no sarcasm – I love those sorts of stories), Zhana talks about We Steal Secrets and being enlightened, Steven Moffat’s misogyny and TV shows are discussed and Brick is a fantastic movie.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen Brick, find it and watch it. It is pure delight, an ostentatious splurge of cinematic adventuring with pumping powerful Energy Legs laid over flawed-yet-sympathetic characters and a thoroughly competent piece of mystery storytelling. Rian Johnson may not be as larger-than-life as Edgar Wright or Quentin Tarantino, but he deserves recognition as one of modern culture’s most accomplished, and interesting, directors.

Oh and there’s a bit about horses and wearing peoples’ skin, but you needn’t be too worried about it.

Give it a listen!


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Reel Talk Episode 10 – ‘George Takei Plays A Time Machine’

The title of this week’s Reel Talk reminds me of this video:


That can only mean good things.

Today we talk about a bunch of stuff, and honestly, probably bullshit for far too long about commercials, both bad and strangely good. Then it’s on to the reviews! Zhana describes her experience at the Palestinian Film Festival, I talk (and sing) about Frozen and Pete had just a horrible time at the movies with Free Birds and Oldboy.


Towards the end I briefly plug FilmCritHulk’s new scriptwriting book, which can be bought from Amazon (UK link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Screenwriting-101-Film-Crit-Hulk-ebook/dp/B00H0NQE7S/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top). Fact of the matter is though that I talk too briefly about this giant critic, so please bear with me while I expand on comments made.

Film Critic Hulk is one of the best writers on film the internet currently has. This is in part because of his ability and experience, but is mainly due to his wide-open heart. There seems to be no limit to the things Hulk cares about, and his columns are full of the joy and significance he finds in the silver screen. Being a Hulk, he is also rather smashy, but the empathy instilled by his dwelling amidst stories means that he strives to be careful about what and who he smashes. He is also eager to learn, and to share.

Which is lucky for me, because it led to Screenwriting 101. Here The Hulk teaches all the knowledge he has accumulated from years of writing, in a manner both informal and authoritative. He is blunt. Writing is hard and the means of achieving success vary from story to story. There is also a great deal of misunderstanding about writing within the film industry. What’s more it is a job everyone wants to do, so competition is honey-badger fierce. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort and tears, you can have a Hulk on your side.

In this volume the elements of story that must be considered (purpose, economy, drama, character, conceit) are described, the shortcomings of writing (inserting self into story, using stories as psychologists, three act structure, the monomyth) are advised against, and techniques (therefore/but) are explained. The complexity of it is dizzying, and I came away knowing that I will be revisiting this work time and again as I try to achieve success. It has already become a vital resource. So, I’d like to end this note with a thankyou.

Thankyou, Mr Hulk. Not because you told me how to get my screenplay sold, or gave me the winning writing formula. Rather, Thankyou, because you outlined in detail the deep and stormy sea that is the writer’s life, and then built me a springboard, so I might more elegantly dive in.

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Reel Talk Episode 9: Stupid Fajita Sex

Pete apparently finds it difficult to think of titles. This is what happens when you commit to quality folks.

On the podcast: Rise of the Guardians-related Christmas whimsy, heavily encouraged Jason Statham chat, Don Jon and sex, slight Django Unchained-related tension, massive Free Birds-related tension, and actual seriousness when we discuss the death of Paul Walker.

Oh and David Lynch is the best at Twitter. Listen to all this via the link below, or subscribe on iTunes!


Also, Zhana refers heavily to this article:


Celebrity gossip: academic style is a fantastic blog that everyone should read. The current trend of applying sophisticated analysis to all forms of culture, ignoring the false highbrow/lowbrow distinction, is a shining light in modern criticism and CGAS reflects and refracts that light like a great glitterball of excellent words. READ IT.

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Reel Talk Episode 8: Hunger Games, Doctor Who & Don Jon

Contains what it says on the tin.

Reel Talk is now an hour long you guys, which means more reviews, more news and more Pete being confusing and telling me that I am secretly an old man. Which I contest. I am simply a young man with the soul of a 40 year old – rather like David Mitchell. Only less amusing.

Give the show a listen!



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