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Curated – ‘Baghdad, Utopia’ by Mend Mariwany

‘Onlookers might see the exile as exotic, as if displacement were a charming aesthetic effect. As if all the exile wants is for memory to be satisfied by its physical object, home. But in exile you never just remember Baghdad, you think with Baghdad. Your multiple lives, here and there, negotiate with and challenge one another. It isn’t the geographic “here” that determines your life, but neither is it the “there” of memory. Exile reveals the map to be the real fantasy. The multiple and concurrent places you’re in — the here, the liminal in-between, the feeling of “elsewhere” — all battle for supremacy. You’re a mirage, or a horizon.’

The great unsolved problem of the volume of content on the Internet is that beauty is often a trait of fragments, and these are too easily lost within the mass of online words. Well, in this small net-corner I’m going to try to preserve some bits and pieces, starting with the above paragraph. I’m currently thinking a lot about diaspora and identity, thanks to writing projects conducted within university and without, and these words from Mend Mariwany perfectly articulate the experience of diaspora that I intend to build characters on. You can read the full article by following the link below:



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