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Reel Talk Episode 35: Pet Peeves

YEAH! A surprising amount of Pacific Rim talk this week, which allows me to tie this episode to this headbanging track.

This week we bring you another favourite’s favourites, except the opposite, cos we’re talking Pet Peeves! Listen, as Pete hates on natural history peasants, Zhana despises the Stepford Wives of Hollywood, I moan about stating the theme and guest Alistair MacQuarrie loves to hate on unnecessary romance.

Plus: group analysis of Todd Solonz’s Happiness (no, not the one with Will Smith), some nonsense about Inspector Gadget and everyone really likes Jurassic Park. Sound like your thing? Then click the link below OR subscribe on iTunes!

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Web Curation: An Exchange on Iron Man & Assumptions

One of the many, many wonderful things about Badass Digest is how the site demonstrates how, if properly curated, a comments section can make for as good a read as the article itself.

Case in point: this brilliant exchange between commenters ‘rubi-kun’ & ‘fursa_saida’, on how the Iron Man series expresses a general lack of thought about the portrayal of its Middle Eastern/Central Asian subject matter (EDIT: Afghanistan is not in the Middle East and indeed, the problem here is that those two very different regions have been conflated), and in doing so, reinforces a false (and to certain extent, damaging) Western view of an area of the world long-misunderstood.

Here’s the list of comments

Just goes to show – ignorance perpetuates itself, if not corrected.

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