Reel Talk Episode 13 – Peter Flynn and the Fifth Element Noobs

Honestly, I’m not sure where Pete gets his titles from these days…

So the Great Narrative Debate was fought once again on Reel Talk over Fifth Element, Pete reviews a vampire movie where the vampires just wander about being shallow and snobby which sounds AWESOME (no sarcasm – I love those sorts of stories), Zhana talks about We Steal Secrets and being enlightened, Steven Moffat’s misogyny and TV shows are discussed and Brick is a fantastic movie.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen Brick, find it and watch it. It is pure delight, an ostentatious splurge of cinematic adventuring with pumping powerful Energy Legs laid over flawed-yet-sympathetic characters and a thoroughly competent piece of mystery storytelling. Rian Johnson may not be as larger-than-life as Edgar Wright or Quentin Tarantino, but he deserves recognition as one of modern culture’s most accomplished, and interesting, directors.

Oh and there’s a bit about horses and wearing peoples’ skin, but you needn’t be too worried about it.

Give it a listen!

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