Reel Talk Episode 12 – Movie Review Double Dip!

12 Years A Slave is a film that sees the worst of all possible human societies, built and sustained by systematic dehumanisation, through the impact of that society on those who live in it. Every character is so well-written that they might sustain a narrative on their own, and Steve McQueen, by bringing them together, builds a world where every detail, rather than being a piece of descriptive lore, is instead grounded in emotional human experience. Through 12 Years, the audience is brought to live within the minds of those subjected to slaver society, and witness how humanity struggles, sometimes rising, sometimes dying, but always oppressed by a mass opinion that denies its existence.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is, according to my friends who put themselves through it, a rough assemblage of blandly inspirational music videos. I have not seen it, so I cannot tell you what it is for certain. But, relying on the opinions of those I trust, it sounds like a mixture of crass commercialism and the bland insipidities that come from mimicking the form of moral philosophy, while not actually saying anything insightful.

…say what you like, our podcasts have variety. So take a listen!


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